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Our Title Agent

Treasure One Title was founded in 2023 by our Title Agent, Ryker R. Kern. As a second-generation title agent, he quite literally grew up in the title business.  Along with his decades of title experience,  He also has served as a Real Estate Broker / Owner, a Corporate Real Estate Consultant, and a Real Estate Appraiser.

Having this very strong and diverse skill set, in so many aspects of the real estate industry, affords Ryker an uncommon level of expertise in Real Estate Title and an understanding connection with other real estate professionals.

If he has one thing he is most sought out for, it would be the problem-solving expertise he has with complicated real estate transactions.  If you want the confidence you need that your closing will go well, trust me, you need Ryker on your team.

Our Team

Our initial title and escrow team started together at a larger company, where we worked together remotely for a number of years.  For each of us, it was the best team we had ever been a part of.  As a result, we established lifelong friendships with one another.  So, when that company reorganized in 2023, Ryker took the opportunity to step up and launch Treasure One Title. 

Wanting to stick together, we joined up with Treasure One Title in its start-up phase.  Now, as we grow, we are looking forward to more of that team being able to come on board and adding new like-minded members as well.

Our Vision

We found something truly great in this team, we’ve never found in any other title company before.  Because it is so rare, none of us were willing to give it up.  So, together we decided to blueprint a whole new title company, one unlike any other. 

Equipped with our experience, our camaraderie, our professional expertise, and a vision for something much bigger than ourselves, we set out to innovate the title industry with what we have built together.

So, you will find at our most central core values, this ideal:  People Truly Do Matter.  We care about what we do, we care about each other, and we care about those we serve.

The Past

In Ryker’s words: 

“Speaking from a lifetime of experience, if title companies have anything in common, it is that they are all the same.  While title work is something I have always loved, I find title companies themselves to be very boring, uninspiring, and careless with their people. 

It can certainly be said, to their credit, that they do present themselves very professionally.  In fact, I would say many of the ones I have worked in, did so like a fine-tuned machine.  The trouble with this, was that those of us who worked on those teams, were people; not machines.

It would be fair to say, as a Title Agent, I am clearly rebelling against that machine.”

The Future

“Now, some people may want the machine, especially if that is all they know. Having tasted better myself though, I could never go back to that.”  This is a significant part of why, I decided starting a whole new title company was the only option.

The good news for you, if as a Real Estate Agent, A Loan Officer, a Buyer, or a Seller you still want the machine, there are plenty of them to choose from. If people are who you are and what you want, then you need Treasure One Title on your team.

We are good at what we do, we love what we do, and we enjoy serving where we matter. So, if you are a real person looking for real people; and you do not want to be just another title order, give us a call.

Services We Provide Across Kentucky:

  • Real Estate Title Insurance Policies
  • Real Estate Title Searches (Abstracts)
  • Real Estate Escrow Services
  • Real Estate Closing Services  (Onsite, Remote, or Virtual Online)
  • Public Notary Services (Onsite, Remote, or Virtual Online)
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